OSUMyChart Terms of Use

(Updated June 10, 2018)

OSUMyChart is an optional online service provided by The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (“OSU Medical Center”). OSUMyChart helps you, as a patient of OSU Medical Center or another health entity who provides OSUMyChart to its patients (“OSUMyChart Related Organization” or “ORO”), to achieve personalized health care. A list of the current ORO(s) may be found on OSU Medical Center’s web site.

OSUMyChart is not intended for urgent communication. If you are in need of urgent medical attention please call your health care provider’s office or call 911 in case of emergency.

Purpose of OSUMyChart

The purpose of OSUMyChart is to provide you with (1) access to selected portions of your medical records, such as basic laboratory results, summary medical history, visit history, and selected billing information, and (2) the ability to communicate with your health care provider. Some information accessed through OSUMyChart may assist in providing medical, nursing or other professional services or advice. However, the use of OSUMyChart is not a substitute for traditional medical advice, consultation, diagnosis or treatment.

Terms of Use

By using OSUMyChart, you agree to use it in accordance with these Terms of Use and the applicable policies of OSU Medical Center, or the applicable ORO. These Terms of Use may change without notice. Your use of the new or modified Terms of Use means that you accept them. You agree to use OSUMyChart appropriately and as it is intended. OSUMyChart is provided for your convenience and its availability is not an entitlement, right or privilege.

Content of OSUMyChart

You and your healthcare providers control the content of, and are responsible for the information sent to OSUMyChart. Information supplied in OSUMyChart by you and your health care providers is entered into your medical record and may be used or shared with individuals as described by your hospital’s Notice of Privacy Practices, and federal and state law or policy. The information in OSUMyChart may contain sensitive information and you should take precautions to protect the confidentiality of the information. As a convenience, you have limited access to OSUMyChart using mobile devices along with a mobile device application (i.e. iPhone). For full access to OSUMyChart features and information, please access the web-based application using a web browser.

OSUMyChart may offer links to medical web sites that are not a part of OSU Medical Center or other ORO. These web site links are provided for general information purposes only and we do not endorse and have not verified the accuracy of the information on these web sites. You should not rely on the information for purposes of treatment or diagnosis.

Information in OSUMyChart may include treatment for physical and mental illness, alcohol and/or drug abuse, and/or AIDS (Ac¬quired Immunodeficiency Syndrome), and/or may include results of an HIV test or the fact that an HIV test was performed. Psychotherapy notes will not be released without your authorization. Through your use of OSUMyChart you agree to the release of information to OSUMyChart unless you terminate your use of OSUMyChart, provided notice is received prior to the release of information to OSUMyChart. If you share information released to OSUMyChart, it may no longer be protected by federal privacy rules, such as HIPAA.

Prohibited Activities

You may not transmit any information or message that contains unlawful, threatening, fraudulent, libelous, defamatory, obscene or abusive information or language. OSUMyChart may not be used for any illegal or unethical activities. Hacking, or other forms of inappropriate access or attempted access to unauthorized areas or information on this site will lead to termination of use and potential legal prosecution.


If desired, you may make your medical information available to other individuals. This is done by granting such permission by signing a Proxy Access form available through Medical Information Management at 614-293-2309.

MyChart Authentication for Third Party Applications

You may be asked to provide your MyChart login credentials to connect third party applications to information available in your health record. The information accessed by these applications may include some or all of the following information

  • Allergies
  • Demographics
  • Health Goals
  • Implants
  • Medication
  • Problems
  • Immunizations
  • Care Team
  • Documents
  • Health History
  • Lab Results
  • Plan of Care
  • Vitals

These applications are not created by The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center or its affiliates. Approving these requests allow third parties (including application, its developers, and its associates) access to your personal health information. Note that these third parties might not be obligated to protect your health information under the same privacy regulations as OSU Wexner Medical Center and your healthcare providers. Some applications might use data for advertising or other secondary purposes.

We advise that you review each application’s Terms and Conditions to be sure that you are comfortable with each application use of your data before granting access.

Security of MyChart

Communications between you and your healthcare team using OSUMyChart are carried over a secure, encrypted connection. You agree to keep your password confidential and maintain adequate security on your computer and network. The Ohio State University, OSU Medical Center and other ORO(s) do not assume any risk for, nor are they responsible for, damages that may arise as a result of misuse or sharing of passwords by you, or from the lack of appropriate security associated with your computers, including the browser settings. Entries into OSUMyChart are tracked by computer audit.

E-Mail Communications

You may receive e-mail messages to your e-mail account advising you that new information has been added to your OSUMyChart account. Please be advised that email is not secure and there is a risk that these emails could be read by a third party. By signing up for OSUMyChart, you acknowledge the inherent risks of email communications and consent to receiving e-mail messages regarding your OSUMyChart account.

Termination of Service

Your access to OSUMyChart continues from the date of activation until terminated by OSU Medical Center or by you. OSU Medical Center reserves the right to terminate or restrict your ability to use all or part of OSUMyChart for misuse, abuse, inactivity or for clinical reasons as determined at the sole discretion of OSU Medical Center. If your access is terminated or restricted, then you will be notified via e-mail and U.S. Postal Service.

At any time, you may terminate your use of OSUMyChart by notification to OSUMyChart Customer Service at 614-366-6975 or toll-free at 866-966-6975.


You understand and agree that the use of OSUMyChart is entirely at your own discretion and that of OSU Medical Center. The Ohio State University, Ohio State University Physicians, Inc., and other ORO, shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary, punitive or other monetary damages, fees, fines, penalties or liabilities arising out of or relating to this service. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold OSU Medical Center, The Ohio State University, Ohio State University Physicians, Inc., and other ORO(s) harmless from and against any claims, actions, judgments and settlements, including legal fees that arise from your misuse of OSUMyChart.

By using this service, you understand and acknowledge that the service and any content or information provided on or by the service is provided on an "AS IS" basis. OSU Medical Center, The Ohio State University, and Ohio State University Physicians, Inc. do not make any warranties, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, nor are they responsible for any action taken by you in reliance upon the information provided through this service. The laws of the State of Ohio govern these Terms of Use.